Our small company Frisenvang was established in 2014 to give Danes and Europeans an easier access to quality products from Peru and at the same time to support the living conditions of small local Peruvian producers (see more under The good cause). The Frisenvang assortment of products, are based on Peruvian woven and knitted products made from 100% baby alpaca wool, elected to fit a Nordic and European taste of colours and design.

Why Peru?

Peru is a palette of strong colours ranging from the deep brown, black, white and green in the mountains to the strong orange, pink and fluorescent blue found in the local flowers and fruits. The South American country holds incredible beauty of nature and is inhabited by a loving and openhearted population. Peru holds a strong historical tradition for producing quality handicrafts of alpaca wool, which are seen clearly in the unique products, that we have selected for our Frisenvang assortment.

The products

Frisenvang offers knitting yarn, woven products and knitted clothes. Our products come from two small local Peruvian companies and a community of local women in the village Marcapata in the Andes mountains (see more under The good cause). Frisenvang supports the possible growth and living conditions of the three local producers by selling their products in Europe and the rest of the world.
All Frisenvang’s products are based on 100% baby alpaca wool, due to its softness, warmth and strength. You can read more about the Peruvian alpaca and its qualities here The Alpaca.

The team

Frisenvang is run by three Danes, that has a story together and each has a part in the Frisenvang story;
Marianne Frisenvang, is an experienced marketing woman, whom among many other projects, has created the marketing campaign Kildevæld’s Three liters of clean water for Africa.
Jørn Olling has a strong talent and passion for promoting and selling products that support a good cause.
Sofie Munk Frisenvang is a geographer and has a close connection and knowledge of Peru, due to her marriage a Peruvian.

Frisenvang is a small family business and the photos on the webpage, Instagram and Facebook therefore show friends and family wearing Frisenvang products.

We want Frisenvang to be simple, personal and unique as our products!


Marianne Frisenvang

Marianne is one of Denmarks most experienced marketeers loving CSR.


Jørn Olling

Jørn is entrepreneur and love selling.


Sofie Munk Frisenvang
Kommunication with Peru