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650,00 DKK

Classic purple shawl made of 70% baby alpaca combined with 30% silk. Featherweight, yet pleasantly warm.

1.200,00 DKK

Pastel green super soft plaid woven in 100% baby alpaca.

270,00 DKK

Knitting set for the sweetest west with an alpaca ribbon. The set contains knitting pattern and Frisenvang's handspun Baby/Royal alpaca yarn.

390,00 DKK520,00 DKK

Knitting set for a nice warm sweater for a boy or a girl. 100%  Baby/Royal alpaca wool

280,00 DKK405,00 DKK

Super soft shawl in Frisenvang’s Baby/Royal alpaca wool. Knitting set.

135,00 DKK

Knitting kit for at nice and warm hat - 100%  Baby/Royal alpaca wool

185,00 DKK

Knitting kit for a lovely hat containing Frisenvang's handspun Baby/Royal alpaca wool yarn and knitting pattern

405,00 DKK

Knitting kit for at lovely soft Baby/Royal alpaca wool with yarn and pattern

270,00 DKK

Knitting kit - neck warmer in 100% Baby/Royal alpaca wool

810,00 DKK

Knittingkit with yarn and pattern for a wonderfull teenage/female sweater 100%  Baby/Royal alpaca wool

180,00 DKK

Knitting kit - warm children's hat with alpacas - 100%  Baby/Royal alpaca wool

135,00 DKK

Knitting kit - children's hat in soft Baby/Royal alpaca wool