Share the story of the peculiar alpaca and a sustainable yarn project with your friends in your own home.

Frisenvang drops by and will tell about it’s production of sustainable handspun yarn.


The homeparty will of course give you and your friends the opportunity of buying luxury products of 100% Peruvian alpaca wool:

  • Special designed knit wear: Sweaters, cardigans and ponchos
  • Beautiful products of woven babyalpaca: Throws, scarfs, shawl and capes
  • Frisenvang’s unica handspun organica knitting yarn of 100% superblødt Baby/Royal  alpaka wool.

How to have a Frisenvang  homeparty.

You collect a group of friends – minimum 12. We agree on time and place and then we will drop by

As host you will received a gift:

  • A scarf of 100% babyalpaka wool


  • 2 skeins of Frisenvang yarn and a knitting pattern

Geographic area

Presently we can visit homeparties in Copenhagen area and 70 kms from Copenhagen.

If you are interested in having a Frisenvang homeparty please contact Marianne Frisenvang at Mobile : 91544686 or email:

Cake og snacks for you homeparty

You can order the following for your homeparty:

  • Cake – 25 kr. pr. person 
  • Snacks and 2 glasses of wine – 85 kr. pr. person